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⦿ Stop slowing down the growth of your business

Stop wasting hours of your time trying to grow your business without a plan. Build your business with a solid brand identity.

 Build an authentic & differentiated brand

 Be recognized & trusted by your customers

How we can help

We go well beyond the logo. We can help you:

Build brand consistency
Clarify your message
Memorable & Unique
Successfully Launch

Pricing packages

We care about your results. We want your business to grow.


Establish your logos, fonts, colors & more, for consistency & unity.

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• Discovery
Worksheets with a follow-up meeting to gain clarity on your background, goals & audience.
• Logo Design
Sketch & refine ideas 3-4 logo concepts with mockup products. Your favorite solution will be selected with the final bundle of files.
• Color Palette
A sheet listing the specifications for the colors in your logo and elements. Ensure your brand colors will match across different applications.
• Typography & Visual Theme
Recommendations for brand fonts. Graphic shapes & lines, photography style, custom patterns, or other elements that flesh out your brand’s visual theme. Applied mockup applications to illustrate how they can be used.
• Brand Style Guide
A multi-page document that describes the elements of your brand & ensures consistent communications. It includes usage rules & specs for the logo, color palette, typography, graphic elements, messaging & any other elements unique to your brand.

3.000.000 IDR


More items can be added to the Essential package. We divided your branding project into two parts. Part 1 is Pro, a set of ingredients most people need, no matter what business they’re in. Part 2 is Enterprise, where the new brand gets applied. Your company can make these internally, or we can help. Popular applications include:

⦿ Brochures & info sheets
⦿ Signage
⦿ Packaging
⦿ Social media templates
⦿ Presentation templates 

7.000.000 IDR

Our work process


Free Discovery Call

Call(s) with the potential client and/or a questionnaire. Define the business problems & goals. Proposal & contract signed.


Research & Brand Strategy

Research the industry, competitors, history. Define the new brand strategy, outlining positioning, messaging & brand voice.


Sketching & Conceptualising

Let the creative juices flow! Here the brand’s identity is created including the logo, font system & colour palettes.



Rinse & repeat until a shortlist of concepts have been selected.



Present the shortlisted work to the client. Revise as required.


Delivery & Support

Deliver files, style guide & provide support for building their brand.

What do we offer?

Exclusive Designs

Designs look more professional

One Stop Solution

One solution for all design needs

Responsive Services

Free online consultation

Flexible Revision

Good listening & note taking

Design Warranty

Able to change final design

Project Reminder

Keeping the project on time

Expert & Pro Team

Not an individual freelancer

Usage Rights

Rights to use all artworks

Cloud Storage

Backup for all data types

The soap story visual identity project

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