The benefits of website maintenance

The benefits of website maintenance

The benefits of website maintenance

What are the benefits of regular website maintenance? How important is that? Here are some questions that are often asked by website owners when getting offers about website maintenance or just reading or hearing it from someone. Some website owners are indifferent to doing maintenance on this website. Because some are immediately pessimistic and may think that it is not so important, it looks complicated and tiring. Or think to do it would require expensive costs.

However, it is important that you know that having a successful new website is only the beginning. Think of your new website as if it were a new car. When you first get it everything looks fantastic, works as it should, and works exactly how you expect it to.

But over time, you need to do regular maintenance on the car to keep it running as it should. If you don't, chances are that later you will experience small to large problems such as frequent traffic jams, maybe even stopping working altogether. The same applies to a website.

Therefore, website maintenance is something that should be done by website owners. The benefits that you can get from the regular website maintenance process include:

Increase Site Speed

As we already know, website loading speed is one of the important factors that must be considered when developing a website. This is because you only have a few seconds to impress your website visitors. If your website takes longer to load, then this is likely to make visitors impatient and have a negative impact on your bounce rate. Not to mention, website speed is also very much taken into account by search engines when determining SEO rankings.

Website maintenance gives you the opportunity to check your page loading speed regularly. And take steps to improve and optimize it. Like when the results show that your site speed is not good, then you can start doing optimization such as summarizing the code, removing useless plugins, compressing/reducing image size, etc.

Strengthen SEO

Having a website if it is not accompanied by SEO practices, of course, makes the existence of a website less meaningful. It cannot be found by the audience when typing certain keywords in the search engine because it does not appear on the search results page. And you must run this SEO practice on an ongoing basis, not stopping when your website is successfully released and ranks in the best order. Because your website's ranking on search engines, especially Google, can be shifted at any time by competitors.

Interestingly, routine website maintenance turns out to be quite effective in improving the SEO performance of your website. This is because search engines prefer websites that are well-maintained and like to index fresh content. So, every time you maintain a website by updating the code to speed up loading times or updating blog content. Then that means you give search engines new material to judge in ranking website rankings. The greater your efforts to update content and fix errors, of course, the stronger the SEO quality of your website.

Keep Your Website Up to Date

Another benefit when you do regular website maintenance is that you can make the website more up-to-date.

As if there is no end, website technology continues to develop from time to time. Call it WordPress, this CMS has the rate of updating software, themes, and plugins regularly and sometimes even too fast. The update is presented as nothing but an update to the functionality and security of the website. To keep your website safe and running in its best condition, of course you need to do this update.

Make Your Website More Secure

Security is a big concern when it comes to anything on the internet. Spamming, phishing, and hacking are some of the activities that can threaten the convenience of users and the security of website data. This is the main reason why you have to do website maintenance because one of the main components of web maintenance includes steps to make website security always up to date.

By doing maintenance, you can ensure the website is always up to date with the latest security updates. Although there is no guarantee that your website is completely secure, with this you can close loopholes that increase the chances of intruders damaging your website.

Backup And Recovery

Ketika mengendarai mobil, ada baiknya Anda membawa ban cadangan untuk berjaga-jaga jika sewaktu-waktu ban Anda bocor. Begitupun juga website, untuk mengantisipasi hal-hal yang tidak terduga seperti halnya yang terjadi pada mobil, sebaiknya Anda memiliki back up/ cadangan data web. 

When driving a car, it's a good idea to bring a spare tire in case your tire bursts at any time. Likewise, the website, to anticipate unexpected things such as what happened to the car, you should have a back up / web data backup.

Minimize Loss

For some entities, having a website can be a big investment, which in the process of making it takes a long time and costs a lot of money. When you already have a website that is so valuable, of course you as the owner don't want all that effort to be wasted just because you ignore small mistakes that have happened before. Or accidentally the website was deleted without being backed up.

Although sometimes website maintenance requires professional services and costs money. But the cost is certainly lower than when you have to rebuild the entire website or fix a major problem that has appeared on the web. In other words, detecting problems early through regular website maintenance can help you save time and money. Minimize the level of loss both in terms of nominal, web reputation that has been created, quality of service, and so on.

Improve User Experience

Lightweight/fast-loading website, easy to find on Google, regular content updates, and layered security features as a result of web maintenance efforts make the user experience while browsing the web even more memorable. In the end, this can increase the trust of visitors to your website, which also means greater conversion potential.


Those are some of the benefits of regular website maintenance. With this explanation, we can conclude that website maintenance is an effort that includes various aspects to make the website work optimally. Therefore, this should be an important part of every website owner's activity plan.

You can also do this web maintenance yourself/your team. But partnering with a web development agency like Adaweb brings even greater benefits. In addition to easing your team's workload, the costs you incur are more likely to bring maximum results. Because the work is handled by professionals in their fields.

What are you waiting for? Contact us and consult your web management needs right now! Adaweb is ready to listen and provide the best solutions for the success of your website.

By Arief Fadillah

Source: Digital Agency Network

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