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A great design should be made from high-quality materials. In other words, premium packaging can enhance the look of your product. In most cases, packaging is the best way for a budding company to make a name for itself. Having easily distinguishable and clean packaging will generate invaluable word of mouth for your brand.

Therefore, together we will make attractive packaging that can add significant value to your product by inspiring more sales, improving brand awareness, and boosting customer retention.

How we can help

We begin with your core business strategy and work outwards.

Change/Update Your Image
Differentiate Your Brand
Refresh & Reinvigorate
Successfully Launch

Pricing packages

We care about your results. We want your business to grow.


The basic level of a packaging design bronze is a great starting for businesses with relatively simple needs. A bronze package typically includes the following components:

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• Brand Discovery
Who are your customers? – Who are the people who buy your product? – Where will you be displaying yours? – Where will your packing appear, both online and offline?
• Visual Identity
Enhance and refresh Logo design, Color palette, Typography, Visual theme and Brand style guide.
• Packaging shape & dimensions
We make your visual identity design will match across different items and consistent with your business’ brand.

7.000.000 IDR


More items can be added to the bronze package. We divided your packaging design project into two parts. Part 1 is Basic, a set of packaging designs and visual materials. Part 2 is Super, a phase of packaging design that uses social media marketing strategy and tools. Additionally, we’ll help design packaging that is innovative, functional, and appealing. We’ll look at:

⦿ Functionality
⦿ promotion banner
⦿ Video Promotion
⦿ Copywriting & Content Marketing

20.000.000 IDR

Our work process


Free Discovery Call

Call(s) with the potential client and/or a questionnaire. Define the business problems & goals. Proposal & contract signed.


Research & Brand Strategy

Research the industry, competitors, history. Define the new brand strategy, outlining positioning, messaging & brand voice.


Sketching & Conceptualising

Let the creative juices flow! Here the brand’s identity is created including the logo, font system & colour palettes.



Rinse & repeat until a shortlist of concepts have been selected.



Present the shortlisted work to the client. Revise as required.


Delivery & Support

Deliver files, style guide & provide support for building their brand.

What do we offer?

Exclusive Designs

Designs look more professional

One Stop Solution

One solution for all design needs

Responsive Services

Free online consultation

Flexible Revision

Good listening & note taking

Design Warranty

Able to change final design

Project Reminder

Keeping the project on time

Expert & Pro Team

Not an individual freelancer

Usage Rights

Rights to use all artworks

Cloud Storage

Backup for all data types

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