How much does it cost to build a website in 2022

How much does it cost to build a website in 2022

How much does it cost to build a website in 2022

How much does it cost to build a website? This is one of the first and foremost questions that people often ask website development services. To be honest, if we talk about the price of making a website, it will be very relative. Even in the market, you can get websites starting from tens of thousands or even hundreds of millions of rupiah. From the price range alone, we can see that the pricing for website creation is very diverse and the price range also has too significant a difference.

This is because there are many important factors that make website prices very cheap or very expensive. So for those of you who want to create a website, you must be really careful in choosing a website creation service package. Do not let the money you spend later not worth what you get.

Starting from that, in this article we will show you how much it costs to build a website from scratch by looking at what elements you need to create a quality website.

Website Platforms

When you want to build a website, the first thing you have to do is decide on what platform your website will be built on. This platform is the foundation where everything that follows such as appearance, functionality, user experience, management, etc. is determined by the choice of this platform. To make it easier to control your website later, it's a good idea to choose to use a CMS (Content Management System) website platform. The types of CMS itself are quite a lot, including Blogspot, Joomla, Shopify, Wix, Squarespace, and WordPress which is the most popular CMS among the others.

We recommend that you have a website built on the WordPress platform and Adaweb Custom Website because it offers many customization options and allows you to manage your website easily. In addition, it is also more search engine friendly because you can add important features such as SEO tags.

Then, you might ask “Can I create a WordPress-based website for free?” The answer is yes, it can. Because WordPress is an open source software that you can use for free. You are also free to use the resources that WordPress has provided such as themes, plugins, etc. to build a website with a modern look.

It's just that if you choose to use WordPress for 'free', then your website will use a subdomain, for example This is because all your website data and files will be stored on a WordPress server. This of course makes your business look less professional. In addition, you also have limitations in using resources, such as being able to only use the default themes/templates that many people are sure to use. Nor do they get access to website scripts to customize.

So you can be sure that the appearance of your website will potentially be similar to other websites and even your own competitors. Therefore, to make your website look professional, you must have a budget to subscribe to a domain and hosting.

Rent Web Hosting

As previously mentioned, if you want to create a completely free website with WordPress, your website will automatically use hosted WordPress where the website address will only be a subdomain. Also can not do customization freely. Therefore, you need to spend money to rent web hosting. Hosting itself can be defined as a place to store all files and website data so that they can be accessed via the internet.

When you look at the price list for website creation services, you will find different hosting costs. Here you need to consider hosting specifications based on your needs. Take into account how much data you might upload to your website in the future. Are these hosting specifications able to accommodate all your data. The larger the hosting capacity, the more data that can be accommodated, and the stronger the website's performance, which also means the greater the costs you need to spend.

The cost for renting the Indonesian market for hosting unlimited SSD with prices from IDR 49,900 to IDR 89,900/month with storage capacities ranging from tens of megabytes to tens of gigabytes. Usually hosting can be purchased and renewed in cycles of 1, 3, 6 months, and yearly. Some website hosting services include Niagahoster, Domosquare, Domainesia, Ardetamedia, etc.

Buy Domain

If choosing WordPress is like a foundation, hosting is a piece of land/land, and a website is a building/house built on it. Then the domain is the address of the house. Websites need an address so people know how to get to the website. This address/domain can be a company name, brand name, or something else to represent the main point of the website-the most important thing is that the domain name is easy to recognize, read and remember. And do not violate the applicable rules. 

When choosing a domain name, it is also important to choose the right domain extension. A domain extension is a suffix of a domain that reflects the content or fields of a website. For example, a website with a .com (commercial) extension, means that this extension is suitable for those of you who create a website for trade or commercial business purposes. Another example, extension .org (organization) for organizational purposes, .edu (education) for the field of education, etc. 

For domain fees, it ranges from IDR 200,000 – IDR 600,000/year depending on the type of domain extension selected. While domains with .com extensions, on average, cost IDR 239,000 to IDR 320,000.

Remember, this domain registration also requires renewal just like hosting rentals. For example, you buy a domain for one year, then you have to extend the use of the domain one year later, and so on. If you don't renew your domain, it will expire. This means that your website cannot be accessed and also frees up the domain name for use by others.

SSL Installation

It is undeniable that at this time cybercrime is still rampant. The protection of personal data is also very important to ensure the security of visitors when accessing your website. Installing SSL is one of the efforts to increase the security of this website. SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is a web standard for encrypting every communication between a user and a website.

With this SSL, all personal data will be encrypted so that it can prevent eavesdropping and theft of important data sent to the website. Such as passwords, financial transactions, credit card information, etc.

Simply put, a website that already has SSL can be identified from a website address that uses HTTPS, there is a lock/padlock icon in the browser bar, to an exclusive green browser address bar.

For this SSL installation, you need to buy an SSL certificate from the relevant service provider which usually also has varying prices. Starting from IDR 100,000 to IDR 5,000,000 per year. The price difference that occurs is based on the type of SSL technology used which directly affects the level of security/validation level. Installing SSL on a small business website will certainly be cheaper than on an enterprise-class company website.

Up to this point, you already know the price range of the website based on the core needs that must be met so that the website can be released properly. Maybe it won't cost any more if you really have the ability to build websites, arrange layouts, create content, and register to manage your own domain and hosting.

Meanwhile, if you decide to partner with a professional website development service, then of course there will be additional costs for:

Custom UI/UX

One of the characteristics of a professional website is that it has an attractive and brandable UI (User Interface). Attractive means having attractiveness and being fun, while brandable means having character, being in harmony with the brand image, and appearing different from the others.

If you are not a web designer, of course designing the appearance of the website will be a problem in itself. Even though there are many great theme options, without web design skills it will be difficult to customize an existing theme into a look that truly fits your brand image.

Usually, professional web developers will design a website UI by taking into account the important factors to create a stunning UX (user experience). This UI and UX design is one of the reasons why the price of website creation varies. Because each agency has different capabilities and standards for the quality of its work.

Content Creation

No matter how good the website specifications are, if they don't provide relevant information content that can be absorbed by visitors, the website's existence can be in vain. For example, if your goal is to create a website to offer services, here you must create strategic marketing content to attract visitors to take action whether it's making a purchase, requesting a price quote, registering as a partner, and so on.

In addition to having a team of programmers and designers, usually professional website creation services also have a team of writers and marketers who are capable of producing quality content. Such as creating product descriptions, company descriptions, blog articles, news, CTAs, etc. The cost of creating the content itself is different for each agency, depending on the quality and amount of content you want to create.

Custom Features and Other Costs

If you want a website that is rich in features, of course you have to spend more money to make it happen. This cost is of course relative depending on how complicated the coding is. In addition, sometimes there are additional expenses that you have to prepare to pay for all the agency's efforts in order to significantly improve the security and performance of the website.

Now from this explanation, you can find out the estimated cost of making a website by looking at some of the basic needs of the website. If you want to create a website independently of course it will be much more economical. However, by partnering with a professional website creation service, you will get more benefits.

Working with Adaweb you don't have to worry about complicated processes such as designing a display concept, compiling marketing sentences, managing domains, hosting, etc. You can think of other work while waiting for us to work and in the end, all you have to do is accept it with a quality result that doesn't disappoint – worth the money you pay.

Contact Us now to find out the cost of creating a very friendly and competitive 

By Arief Fadillah

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